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About Heritage Fields Farm

Heritage Fields Farm was established in the summer of 1999 when David Derrick was 14 years old. David started out with just two rows in his mother's garden, planting only tomatoes. After over a decade of continuous growth, he now plants more than 6 1/2 acres of vegetables with more than 30 different types of vegetables during all months of the year. Everything is picked fresh daily from the fields.

David says his goal is, "to provide fresh local produce at a reasonable price to the community." David farms using the practice of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This practice is an approach to farming with the main goal being to greatly reduce the use of pesticides. This is done by crop rotation, use of beneficial insects, and the use of disease resistant cultivars. David started out with one small table in his parent's front yard, and now sells out of a free standing vegetable stand. The vegetable stand is open daily, and is located at 10350 Broad River Road in Irmo, South Carolina. Click here to view the location in Google Maps.

Twice a month, David also sells at the 'All Local Market' in Columbia. Since David only sells what they grow on the farm, some days they have a limited amount of vegetables. David only grows what is in season. During their peak summer and fall season they offer a large variety of vegetables and continue to expand their variety as space allows.

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We are officially launching our new and improved Heritage Fields Farm website. Our new website features information about all of our produce, more »